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Re: [MOL] Frank: Seefood

Hi, Frank, I didn't know Sees Candy had a site!!! That is absolutely my
favorite too! There is NO  chocolate anywhere, at any price, that compares.
I grew up on the stuff in California, and I miss it so much, because they
would not mail order it out to Jersey due to loss of quality in travel.My
son even wrote the president a few years back, asking him to reconsider.
But you can have it sent now? I sure hope so! That would make my Christmas

I have had good success ordering everything from books to airline tickets you said, the key is being careful, ordering from companies
you know, and making sure it's a secure transaction.

Love, Joicy

Just read your other post...So, odor eaters in your Christmas stocking, eh,
Frank? The secret is you gotta WASH 'em before you HANG 'em there, buddy!


>I do a lot of shopping through well known site for example jc
>penney.Sears,My favorite is "Sees Candy,there is no better candy then
>that.For kids I go to "ETOYS" there is Wal Mart I just spent a couple of
>hundred dollars on a WALLCLOCK>thats at "orders@appolloinc."there out
>there,just be careful,most have a good security system.But do be careful
>about out of the way places.Ok.Frank

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