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[MOL] Re: PJ & Lil

Lillian, you are so naughty! Here I am trying to be helpful to PJ and all! LOL!

PJ, what Lillian is really laughing about is that I wrote as much to ME as
I did to you, and I will also be printing it out and reading it every day!
LOL!! (Now are you satisfied, Lillian? Are you telling me I have to
practice what i preach?? Geez, can't get away with anything on this line!)

I confess, I am the original workaholic over-achiever, and I am planning on
starting my own 12-step program for it in my *spare time* LOL!

So, you happy now, Miss Lillian???

PJ, we can always do a great work-out at Franklin Mills Mall! We'll shop
til we drop --now that's my idea of a workout!

Love you, Joicy

>Regarding my diet-Thank you for setting me straight again.
>I agree I need to slow it down and do it right.
>I will print out this kind note from you and read it everyday.
>Love YA

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