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[MOL] Lillian & Nordic

I too was ROFLOL with Joicy's posts and also with Franks "Seefood Diet"

I love this group.  

I too would be as skinny as a sewing needle again if laughter let me lose
As I said before I was so thin all my life (110lbs) the only thing that ruined
it was marriage.  I started to love cooking and eating and that was all she
But now I'll still cook but for the family and I'll definitely watch my
calories and carbs.  Before my son losing the weight was easier.  
What is so funny to me is that I clean 8 hours a day, following this little
tike around and around, vacuuming, dusting, windows, beds all day and I can't
seem to lose it. 

So yes Lil if this Nordic Trac doesn't put me on trac I'll I'll I'll make
another chocolate, upside down cake with fresh topped whip cream and chocolate
truffles.  Now do you see why I need to lose. ROFLOL.

Now=====I want that picture of you

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