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[MOL] Re: Good Day Kathy!/ Molers meet a new friend!

Hey there Kathy, I put your wonderful message over the mol line; so that
everyone can be wished a happy holiday and that Marty can see your kind
words of him.  I know he will be beaming from ear to ear knowing he has
managed to put a smile on your face each day.  That says a heck of alot in
You know some folks get the holiday blues naturaly and then to have a love
one exit your life makes it harder; but it isn't something you can't turn
around friend.  I don't think your Dad would like you moping over
Christmas, do you?  So it is time to take a negative and turn it into a
positive for Dad's sake and your's.  Think about what your Dad enjoyed the
most about Christmas, a certain tradition, or a certain way he hid his
gifts to others.  Then put some of these into practice and when you do so
look upward, wink, smile and say "Dad this one's for you."  We keep
thinking that a parent is no longer with us.  Well I hope you have been a
good girl, as I know my mother watches my every move.  I know if she is
displeased with me, I will start feeling guilty and know thats her thumping
my head.  By the way, was glad to see you are going to post and we are all
happy to have you with us.  Your friend, lillian

> From: Hobiekat2@aol.com
> To: Firefly@islc.net
> Subject: Re: Good Day Kathy!
> Date: Sunday, November 29, 1998 6:36 PM
> Lilian,
> I myself have not had cancer but my father passed away of lung cancer a
> Christmas's ago. Around this time I always feel myself a little depressed
> a little alone. However, Marty's beautiful words have managed to put a
> on my face each day. I just wanted to thank you again, and I wish all of
you a
> Happy Holiday.
> Take Care,
> Kathy
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