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Re: [MOL] bad mood/PJ

Dearest PJ,
As a wise friend once told me (more than once!) "Cool your jets!" Goodness,
girfriend, you're really working to set yourself up for a totally miserable
Christmas!! Sooooo, take a deep breath and repeat after me ten times: I am
not superwoman, and my goal is to just chill and enjoy the coming weeks
with my friends and family!"

Now, let's look at your goals one by one:

Re: dieting -- yo-yo dieting is bad for you, you already know that. And any
diet where you lose 20 pounds in three weeks is also very bad for you; you
know that, too. The pounds didn't come on overnight, you're not going to
lose them that way either. And the studies all indicate that many of these
kinds of diets actually screw up your metabolism. What you want is a
lifestyle "shift." That's going to include smaller portions of healthy
food, and exercize (no way to avoid that one!) The Nordic Track is
excellent, in that it will give you a full body workout. But you need to
set modest goals or you will give up before you start. So start with baby
steps, dear heart, manageble steps where you can see progress. Keep a
journal of when you eat and what. Get in touch with what situations make
you grab for food. But take your time, so you can keep it off.

RE: pregnant by Christmas: again, don't put this kind of pressure on
yourself! Having a baby should be fun, in both the making and the raising.
How much fun will you have if you've got a deadline? And if you're
stressed, you're going to make it that much tougher to conceive. Your Mom
loves YOU -- her Christmas is not going to be based on whether you're
pregnant, trust me!

RE: Christmas: Let it happen! Roll with it!! Re-read Marty's chicken soup
on laughter, and promise yourself that your are going to laugh more this
year than ever before, that you are not going to waste a single moment
meeting the expectations of others, that you are going to be in the moment
with your loved ones every single day. Scale down  and simplify everything
you can. THAT, my dear friend, will ensure not only a great Christmas for
YOU, but for all those who love you as well. I promise! Consider yourself
Hugged! Love, Joicy


>Hi everyone
>I'm just telling you all in advance that starting tomorrow I'm going to be a
>really bad mood.
>Tomorrow is my 1st day of dieting - again.
>I want to lose lose lose.  My hubby and I made a pact to lose some wait by
>Christmas so we can get pregnant and surprise mom when she visits God Willing.
>Also tomorrow say a prayer for my mom Dolly that she gets the new chemo.  Her
>shingles are still there but tomorow the onc will let us know.  The onc won't
>let her travel to us unless mom has 2 visits of chemo in her.  this new chemo
>Camptosar is going to give her severe diarrahea.  Hope and pray she is able to
>travel.  If not we are going there in two weeks.  If mom comes here I'm going
>to be having Christmas dinner for atleast 15-20 people - I'll need the prayers
>for that.  I have my menu prepared just in case I need 3 weeks to know. Wow I
>just can't believe it's almost December.  I don't know about rest of you
>beautiful & handsome people but this year went by so fast.  It feels like
>yesterday that I was in the operating waiting room waiting for mom's results.
>So people just cheer me up as I go through this diet thing.  My cousin told me
>about a Dr. Atkins diet - no carbs for a while.  She lost 20 pounds in 3
>weeks.  I need to lose that and more.  I just pray that I can lose it.  My
>cousin also brought me her Nordic Track to use.  If anyone knows of this beast
>let me know what you think of it.  Am I crazy to use it or what.
>Okay TBL.
>L, H, K

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