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Hi Lee Anne,
Thank you for asking about my crystal Line.  If you send me your address I'll
send you a Brochuer, and if you do want anything just remember I am giving the
MOL's a 30% discount.  I'm so happy to hear that the death of your Mother is
pulling your family together, and you should be real happy.  The Death of my
Father also brought on the loss of my Brother who is 5 years younger then I
and the only Brother and the youngest of the family.  He just wanted his share
of Dad's money and when my Mother gave it to him, he wrote a nasty letter and
we never hear or see him, not even my Mother.  We were always real close, even
after we had our own family's we would go fishing, camping, ect.  I really
think it has to do with his new wife, he married just a year before Dad died,
and she then wanted him all to her self.  Then when my Mother was on her death
bed, she wanted me to have her wedding rings, and my Sister diss-owned me
because she wanted them, told me she would get even with me when Mom died.  I
take care of Mother in our house and when she moved in she gave all her stuff
away to the kids and grandkids, so she has nothing left for anyone to fight
over, not even money.  My Sister even kept and will not give back $5000.00 of
Mothers money that Dad trusted her with, he gave me the same amount but mine
was used up buying Med's for Mom, along with our savings and some even on our
credit cards.  Oh well, I still love them all and am very happy to have my
Mother with me and able to take care of her.  Such is life huh!  Morel of this
story is, be happy that you and your sister are able to get together and do
everything you can to make it work.  I am so sorry you had to lose your Mother
for this to happen.  I am still praying for you to have the strenght to get
through all the details and finals of your Mother's passing, God Bless you and
keep hanging in there and here, you are truly a treasure in here.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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 Nanc and all,
 Before I read anymore mail or anything do anything else, and since I have not
 gone back in old mail -- 'cause it may already be deleted anyway......
 What is the Crystal Line?, I know that it is something you order from and you
 (Nanc) must be connected to the business, and that what you can order from
 brochure is really pretty stuff...but, oh you get the picture...tell me more!
 Thanks so much and know that I am hanging in here. My sister will be coming
 town AGAIN  (not seen each other for 7and a half yrs., just saw each other
 beginning of this month now again! Mixed feelings, mostly good), and the
 arrangements for Mom have been pushed back to Mon and Tues. , Love and thanks
 for all the sentiments,
 Lee Anne
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