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Re: [MOL] hello all from Lee Anne / news on Oma

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with you guys. My computer has been down and I have missed
out on a lot of mail.  I am at friends house now borrowing theirs.

My mom came home on Wednesday (from hospital, 5 week stay).  I am verrry glad
that she had that time at home with us.  Very peacefully she slipped away
today, and she is in a much better place.  I am dealing with this pretty well.
I had been praying for God's will, and I was ready for her suffering to be
over and I know that he wanted the same,  I am sad, but thankful.   

I will try to check in again soon, as I do wish to keep in contact with all of
you who have been so supportive.  Lil, thank you especially, your words of
wisdom have been such a source of comfort.  You are amazing to me and I hope
that you continue welcoming all newcomers as you did me 2 months ago.  Had it
not been for your open loving words of welcome....I shudder to think... I may
not have become part of this forum.  On some days this line felt like a
lifeline.  I thank you all so much and wish you all the best always.

With love, tears and continued prayers,
Lee Anne
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