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Re: [MOL] Liz

Well, I have my stereo playing lots of music by my favorite artists so I guess I can just close my eyes and imagine being there. Have you ever been to a Neil Diamond concert? What a showman. My taste in music runs from Placedo Domingo to John Denver to Randy Travis to Bette Midler (I wish she would go back to singing) to the Beatles and the BeeJays, so I have a wide variety of CD's.

Thank you my friend.. It was truly a night filled with romance (in my heart anyway!!) LOL!! The hose are just one of those necessary dressing items!!

I had hoped that you would feel a little like you had been there with me as you hear those songs.. so don't be jealous.. you were in the peanut gallery with me, my dear!! :-) Love and hugs, Carla

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