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Hi Jeanne,
Sorry it has taken so long to reply.
Things are fine here. Our coroner election was really something. First the
only opponent in the race died, then the only one left running died two
days before the election. I don't know what they will do for a coroner.

I did not find an acupuncturist because I didn't pursue it. I did find,
however. that if I sleep with a pillow under my knees it really relieves
the sciatica. I haven't had nearly the problem with leg pain since I
started doing that.

I guess I am not going to try PJ's Chinese remedy. I have lost that too, I

>Liz, I have forwarded your reply to the list service it came from. How are
>you doing there in Yakima. Your odd ball election on your coroner elect
>made our papers. Are you going to try PJ's Chinese remedy and did your ever
>locate an acupuncturist?

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