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Re: [MOL] Frank

Dearest Frank,
I think maybe if you called a few of your friends and asked them to drop by
and see you they will come.  They might just be letting you recuperet.  Don't
want to bother you while your sick.  Maybe they just need you to say it ok.
And just because your a man doesn't mean you can't ask for help.  or
directions. LOL.  Try it.  If it doesn't work then they weren't friends in the
first place.  I had to do this with a lot of people.  My nephew just called me
and i havn't talked to him since last Christmas.  He said he was scared to
call me.  He used to live with me every summer since he was 2.  He is now 24.
I understood what he was going thru.  We are having Thanksgiving at my moms
and he is comming.  This happens.  People are scared, but then people have
become by best friends that found out and I haven't seen in years.  So don't
give up on them. You make the first step.  And remember Positive thinking and
love will help you get through this.
Love and hugs,
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