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Re: [MOL] Just For Today

Dearest Greg,
This chemo was a bit worse then the others.  More nausa and aches all over my
body. But today i'm better.  I cleanded the kitchen and ran out of Cascade and
used dish liquid. TOOOOOO MUCHHHH!  Suds all over the kitchen floor.  So what
do you do with water and suds.  You mop the kitchen floor.  God, am i
exausted.  I go for another shot this morning at 10 and at 11 going to get a
facial and masage.  Can''t wait.  I need something like that right now.  About
your ? about music.  I have these nautre cd's that i listen to and i also have
cable stereo.  i listen to my mood music when the kids aren't home.  I always
helps me to calm down and feel better.  Sorry your down, but you have to get
up now.  like you and everyone says only way to fight this is to be happy and
positive.  Now go put some music on and get Happy. 
Love you Greg, and a big ciber HUG!!!
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