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[MOL] Christine

Hi Girl
How is the weather in CANADA tonite?  I would sure love to come there.  We
were planning on being there over the summer but as usual that plan was

So about my parking problem today was this - the drs. office is across from a
hospital and my appt was for 2:00 and that's the worse time.  All the spots
and parking lots are filled.  If my hubby would only have told me about the
parking I definitely would have made my appt earlier in the day when visiting
hours aren't in effect.

Hey also about the pooh sites you sent me the other day.  WOWIE they are
I love going to them.  My son says that I'm not suppose to go to the site only
for kids. Ha ha.  I"M A BIG KID.  he said no mom you are mom.
Don't you love kids.  yep I know you do your cuties are delicious also.
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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