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Re: [MOL] I had nightmares last night!!

I dreamed about head lice last night, probably because the school keeps
sending notices to watch for head lice. Was not very pleasant.

At 12:36 PM 19/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>    Hi all of you darling moler angels... Wow, did I ever  have strange
>nightmares last night while I caught up on that  sleep...            They
>took Liz and turned her into a      Lizard!     PJ was turned into little
>piles of Poody      behind the Lizard!     Nancy was standing on a hill as
>a Nanny Goat!     Kathy became a mound behind Nanny Goat...Kaka!     The
>Nanny Goat lost her mind and was trying to talk to mam and came up     
>with 12 names.. and none of them were Marianne or Mam!     Love and hugs to
>all, Waltzing Matilda.... 

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