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[MOL] Jeanne

You are right my friend..  I am blessed that there is a PET scan here in my town.  When I got the first one done a year ago, I know that they told me that there were only about 18 in the nation (USA)..  I know that number is growing and there is even a group of physicians here looking to put one in their office.
On the Research and Development front, there is a new scanner of sorts that is to be the best of both worlds..  A combination of the CT and PET scan...  I truly hope that they continue to come up with more advanced diagnostic equipment for our sakes and the sakes of many others in the future..
I believe that there are many wonderful things on the horizon for those of us on the cancering journey and thats why I feel so blessed to have this wonderful group of people to help me to stay focused and keep me believing... and I do believe...
I hope that everything is going very well for you Jeanne...  God Bless you and much love, Carla