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[MOL] Frank/The meaning of God..

Frank, I am so sorry that you were the target of people who were functioning in the name of the Lord in such an ungodly manner.  It truly breaks my heart the pain that is inflicted in the name of religion.  God sent His only son Jesus to carry the sins of us all forever more.  He did this of and through love and only love. 
First of all, let he who sins not cast the first stone...  That on its own should keep you from ever being hit with even a pebble..!  Secondly, we are made in the image of our father and that is not about judging, but about loving to all ends..
May God Bless you and fill your heart with the wonders of His love..  The love that we all sin and fall short in and may He bring to you loving hearts to share your journey and to share your journey with.. With love, Carla