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Re: [MOL] Carla are you OK?

Dearest Frank,
Thanks for worring about me, i am doing ok. Just had my 5th out of6 chemos,
and felling down from being sick and tired of being sick and tired. LOL but i
usually am up most of the time. I find it hard to pray for my self, but have
no problem praying for all my loved ones and friends that i found her on MOL.
There is so many people out there wrost off than I am.  I guess it alright to
feel a little sorry for ones self every once and a while, but then i get right
back up and am happy again. Positive thinking and fighting for ones self is
the only way to fight this .  A lot of my friends left me becaues they
couldn't handle it that I had breast cancer.  At first it hurt so much my
heart wanted to break.  The true friends stayed and have sent flowers and
cards and even call almost every day, But Mol has been there for me when
everyone else hasn't.  I have made a new family here.  I can talk to this
group and tell them things i couldn't tell anyone else, and know i am not
judged.  I think you will find this our for youself as you stay with use.
Well, going to go take a long and desirved nap. Please write me again.
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