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Re: [MOL] I had nightmares last night!!

Hi Carla,
OK, you got me, I'll leave her be with Mam, she is a sweetheart and I
shouldn't just pick on her all the time, I guess I just love her to much to do
that anyway, just like I do you.  Besides I'd hate to be the fault of all
those awful nightmares.  You get some peaceful sleep now OK?
Love you all,
PS  Now I didn't promise not to ever tease, OK?  Maybe once in awhile.  LOL

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] I had nightmares last night!!
 Date:	11/19/98 12:35:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (ken naehring)
 To: (mol-cancer)
 Hi all of you darling moler angels... Wow, did I ever have strange nightmares
last night while I caught up on that sleep...
 I dreamed that someone took my wonderful friends and changed them.. 
 a.. They took Liz and turned her into a Lizard!
     b.. PJ was turned into little piles of Poody behind the Lizard!
     c.. Nancy was standing on a hill as a Nanny Goat!
     d.. Kathy became a mound behind Nanny Goat...Kaka!
     e.. The Nanny Goat lost her mind and was trying to talk to mam and came
up with 12 names.. and none of them were Marianne or Mam!
     I am so glad that I finally woke up.. it was really scaring me!!  So how
are you all doing today?  Did anyone else have strange dreams last night?
Love and hugs to all, Waltzing Matilda....

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