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Re: [MOL] Liz !

Dear Kathy,
Thanks for the sugestion, but have to have everything done in hospital.  I
have no insurance, so hospital gave me a grant.  If i get it at home i have to
pay. This has helped use from loosing everything.  I only have to pay for my
doctors checkups.  That runs about $100 every 15 days.  Also  have to pay Dr.
for radiation treatments. 33 of them.  of medician and Dr bills are all we
have to pay for right now.  And can't get insurance until I'm cancer free for
one yr.  My husband is in construction and things got bad for about 10 yrs.
Now that we were getting back on our feet, as to speak, and had extra money,
this thing happened.  Oh, well, God works in mysterious ways.  But am doing
fine.  This new chemo is killing me. I feel like a mack truck or the worst
hang over i ever had. Just got back from getting my first shot for next 7
days.  Wasn''t bad,
but nurse want to put them in my rear, because my arm is getting enough done
to it. thats ok with me.  well, kido, didn't get to sleep last night until
3;30 and up at 6:30 so maybe i'll try for a nap now.  Thanks again for
careing, but then you alway have. Love you kido,
Love and Hugs,
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