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[MOL] Mary Ann & third grade

Dear Mary Ann,

Now I know who to turn to for help.  I have one in third grade now and 
two preK (twins).  I think it is a wonderful age of growth, confidence 
development and learning!  They are awe struck and like sponges soaking 
up information.  I have a problem helping with homework and am wearing 
out the encylopedia, dictionary, and assorted copies of National 
Geographic! LOL  Really, it is wonderful seeing the world again through 
their eyes...I envey you being in that eight year old environment every 
day and also have the greatest respect for you.  You are molding the next 
generation that will inherit this planet. ;+)
God Bless.

John C. Montgomery wrote:
> If possible, try to find a way to come downstairs that doesn't involve
> going bump, bump, bump on the back of your head.
> Have a good day!  I'm off to face my class of third graders.    (((HUGS)))
> to all  :-)  Mary Ann------------------------------------------------------------------------
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