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[MOL] Just For Today

my sister sent me this today. kind of long but it helped me, maybe will others
too,  love greg

Daily Survival for Those with Chronic Illness

1. Today I am going to try to live through this day only, and not 
dwell on or attempt to solve all my problems at once; just focus 
on the piece that is today.  I can do something for several hours 
that would be difficult to even think about continuing 
for several months.

2. Just for today, I am willing to accept the possibility that 
there is a purpose to this suffering; that it can be a source 
of meaning and growth for myself and others, though I may not 
always recognize the ways.  And it seems possible that this 
suffering will not be in vain, because of what may be some kind 
of existence beyond.

3. Just for today, let me remind myself that I am basically a 
worthwhile person, worth loving, despite my faults and limits.  
I deserve the efforts of others to help me through my illness.

4. Just for today, I want to be aware that it is all right to want 
too much from others at times.  Illness brings out and intensifies 
the small child in all of us.  And if I feel hurt when those who 
care for me cannot be there, it may help to remember that they have 
needs, frailties, and limitations of their own.  A lack of response 
does not mean that they are personally rejecting me.

5. Today I may feel the need to complain a great deal; I may have 
little tolerance; I may cry; I may scream.  That does not mean that I
am less courageous or strong.  All are ways of expressing anger over 
this mess, of rightly mourning my losses.  Endurance itself is courage.

6. It ismy life at stake now.  So maybe today I can allow myself to be 
a little less concerned about the reactions or impressions of others.  
Maybe I can allow myself to feel a little less guilty or bad about what 
I did not accomplish or give.  Perhaps today I can be a little more 
gently toward myself.

7. Surviving this is all so difficult.  At times it seems impossible 
- that I have had enough.  Down the line I will know if and when I 
have had enough, when I cannot push the limits any further.  I will 
have the right to choose to stop, without feeling that I am "giving up."  
But today I think I can deal with this illness.  Sorrow runs very deep, but I
think I can rise again.

8. Just for today, maybe I can give healing "the benefit of the doubt."  
The drugs are powerful; the natural healing capacity of my body is 
powerful.  And who knows, perhaps there is healing power in my will 
to struggle, and in the collective love and will of others.

9. Just for today, perhaps I can take heart that we are all connected.  
And I may still have some things left to contribute to the family of man; 
some light to add to the light.  Even now my endurance (however 
imperfect) is a gift, an inspiration for others in their struggles.

10.	It seem reasonable that there is a season for everything and a 
time for every purpose.  Pain, weakness and exhaustion may distort my 
senses and spirit.  Today, however, I can at least find some hope in 
nature's way, if not some master plan.  The chance are fairly good, 
and it seems worthwhile to hope that I will have some cycle of 
wellness yet.
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