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[MOL] RE: Ok MOL's, Nanc needs your help!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,
I guess I've been a little hard on Mam, now I'm asking you all for help on
giving her a new nick name, a nice one, OK?  Short and sweet.
RDA  (red headed angel)
Blue eyes (she probably has brown)
Huggy pie
Funny girl
LFL (late for lunch)
Baby Cakes
Wonder Women
This one's your choice my dear Mam, I could adopt you for my Sister and call
you Sis!!!!!!!!  then you would have a Sister in SC and a Niece and her family
in Canada, a brother in CA and one in NY.  This family is rated 5 star, so
you'll have to be good and you are required to sen a real, not phony picture
of yourself, no more lies.  LOL.
Love you all,
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