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[MOL] Pam

Hi Pam
I quess we are on the puter at the same time tonite, that's why I responsed so
quickly to the email.
You wrote about your Dad and not slowing down.  GO DAD GO.  
I'm so happy that he is doing spectacular.  
One of my friends is out Turkey hunting this week.  He is such a fantastic
guy. He doesn't really like to hunt but he likes to just get away and relax
with the friends and just chill for a couple of days.  I don't mean freeze
chill I mean just veg out.  Come to think of it he does freeze his tooties off
and bootie for that matter.  He never gets a bird.  I think he is afraid of
them not the other way around....LOL.

I also was keeping copies and writings of important info in my book but that
one post, the one I needed right away I just threw in the book without really
filing it. Don't you hate when that happens. 

Oh well better go it's 1:00a.m. and my son will be up early.  
With Love
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