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Re: [MOL] Pam Hi & Thanks

You sure are quick!  I just barely sent that message!  You are welcome for
the information - hopefully, it will help you/Dee/others.  I keep everything
that I print out in two HUGE notebooks that we read as it came in and is
now, hopefully, filed so we can find it again if needed.  Helped dad pack
out an elk with the aid of a pickup and some four-legged friendly horses -
took about 6 hours and I about froze to death because we got stuck out after
dark.  I guess that means that we are both fine after that long day!  He has
been guiding hunters all day every day for about two weeks now - in the
mountains on foot.  Loves to walk so this disease (that the doctors say he
has but he disagrees with them) has not slowed him down!!  How is your mom
doing?  She is in Florida, right?  Is she still taking chinese herbs, etc.?
I read that Pooh has taken over your household!  Will talk to you in WY

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