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[MOL] getting my physical yippiieee

Hi Molers
Yippieee for me.  I'ts been 1 year & I''m finally having a physical tommorrow.
I changed doctors 2 months ago.  My husband also uses this internist and he
likes him.  We shall see how he is when he sees me & approves the tests that I
I have my notes all ready & I'm very anxious to be there already.  I want him
to know I'm in charge and that the HMO will be in big poop poo if in years to
come I have problems and they aren't detected now.  As you all know, colon
cancer is wild in my family and I need to have the right tests.  I also want
the mammogram.  
It's so ridiculous that HMO's make rules on what age ones tests should be
DOES CANCER PICK AN AGE? NO.  And that's what's prewritten in my letter to HMO
just in case my new internist gets a NO for my tests.  
Do you think he knows what he is in for? he he LOL.
I used to be very meek when going to doctors but since mom is sick that
shyness has disappeared.
So I'll write you all tomorrow nite with the news.  
Hey what does a colonoscopy feel like anyway?  Maybe I really don't want it?
Mam didn't Wayne have one not so long ago? Hey Wayne are you still intact down
there? Did it hurt?  Were you awake?  Should I bring my Pooh Sing Along book?
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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