[MOL] Hey there gang!! Chatty day you have had without me!! [02519] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Hey there gang!! Chatty day you have had without me!!

My dears.. I am wiped out!!  I didn't go to bed until 2:30 and I got up at 5 to see the meteor showers... First of all it was cold and I was standing out there in my sweats and a coat staring at the sky shivering..  After about 5 minutes, my eyes focused and  I realized there were stars in the sky and located the Dipper, and was shivering even more... by 5:30.. I didn't care about anyones shower but mine and so off I went to steam some life into me... LOL!!  So that is my meteor story..!
My day went fine at the hospital and the tests are complete on my chest. I don't know the results and won't get them until probably Friday afternoon.. I scared the gal in CT scan.. I didn't know that she hadn't read my jacket and so when she first started the test.. she couldn't find my right lung and she was afraid that something was wrong with the scanner!!  ROTFLOL!!  I'll bet that was frightening.!! She said that she kept trying to find it and then figured out that I didn't have one!
Oh well, I hope that you are getting some rest and I am off shortly.. I have 177 messages and I can tell you all this.. I love you and send you many hugs and I am going to bed real soon!!  God Bless, Carla