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[MOL] To Dee and Jim

Dear Dee,

Please tell your Dad that there are many here that have passed through 
that same tunnel of doubt, uncertainty, pain, and fear.  We have 
survived and so will he because he has our prayers and strength to 
support him.  Jim also has God by his side and should be turning to Him 
in those times when his doubts may surface.

The chemo is a demon...but to the cancer cells.  What he is experiencing 
is the exhaustion of his body fighting the cancer.  It is a sign that 
the therapy is having an effect.  Take comfort in knowing that many 
prayers are being offered and that God loves him.

God Bless.
> >Hi all,
> >
> >My dad, Jim, went in the hospital on Weds. of this
> >week for his second chemo
> >treatment (7days,inhospital/24hrs.day). My mom
> >said that he seems to be doing
> >as well as can be expected and is sleeping
> >ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >
> >If I could impose upon all of you, would you say
> >an extra prayer for my dad
> >this week. I would really appreciate it as would
> >my whole family!
> >
> >God Bless all of you, you are truly angels of the
> >highest order, I love you all and
> >would be lost without your support. You all know
> >that you have mine - 100% :)
> >
> >Thanks so very much,
> >Love,
> >Dee
> >ps - I've been sending my dad, Jim, the jokes and
> >letters of support that you send.
> >       He loves it - thank you so very much for
> >making his days a little brighter!!!!!
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