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[MOL] Fw: The Luck of the Irish

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Date: Monday, 16 November 1998 18:44
Subject: The Luck of the Irish

>One fine day in Ireland, a guy is out golfing and gets up
>to the 16th hole. He tees up and cranks one. Unfortunately,
>it goes into the woods on the side of the fairway. He goes
>looking for his ball and comes across this little guy with
>this huge bump on his head, and the golf ball lying right
>beside him. "Goodness," says the golfer, and proceeds to
>revive the poor little guy. Upon awaking, the little guy
>says, "Well, you caught me fair and square. I am a
>leprechaun. I will grant you three wishes."
>The man says "I can't take anything from you, I'm just glad
>I didn't hurt you too badly," and walks away. Watching the
>golfer depart, the leprechaun thinks to himself, "Well, he
>was a nice enough guy, and he did catch me, so I have to do
>something for him. I'll give him the three things that I
>would want. I'll give him unlimited money, a great golf
>game, and a great sex life."
>Well, a year goes by and the same golfer is out golfing on
>the same course at the 16th hole. He gets up and hits one
>into the same woods and goes off looking for his ball. When
>he finds the ball he sees the same little guy and asks how
>he is doing. The leprechaun says, "I'm fine, and might I
>ask how your golf game is?""
>"It's great! I hit under par every time."
>"I did that for you. And might I ask how your money is
>holding out?"
>The golfer says, "Well, now that you mention it, every time
>I put my hand in my pocket, I pull out a hundred pound bill."
>"I did that for you too. And might I ask how your sex life
>is?" The golfer looks at him a little shyly and says,
>"Well, maybe once or twice a week."
>The leprechaun is floored and stammers, "What?! Only once
>or twice a week?"
>"Well, that's not too bad for a Catholic priest in a small

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