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Re: [MOL] Lee Anne/Christine Pooh

Hello Everyone
I have to get into this conversation
My 3 year old son says his real name is TIGGER. T I GG E R just like tigger
says it.  Without exageration he must have 25 books of Winnie the Pooh, all
his games are of these wonderful pals. ((I'm thinking of calling Disney and
asking them for a loan ha ha he he.))
Truthfully however, this group of characters are wonderful for children.  They
aren't mean or nasty. Just loving and fun and they teach so much.  I as a
mother have learned alot of them.  I have to watch ever tape with him at least
the first time he watches it.  Like for instance tonite we watched the
Christmas Tape that he got today.  He also got a new book which my hubby is
helping him read tonite.  Yes a 3 year old reads brilliantly.  I sometimes
think I'm dreaming.
But to get back to Winnie and Friends they are the ultimate friends to a
child.  That is why Christopher Robin is such a lucky boy to have had these
friends and wrote about his adventures with them. he he ho ho.   They are
loving friends to this boy and his imagination helps my son have a wonderful
immagination also. 
I quess that's why Winnie the Pooh and friends have been around so long.  They
all bring so much joy into my son that I'm happy & proud to have the tape,
books, toys and clothing.  
There is a wonderful site of Winnie and Friends but haven't found it yet.  If
someone does you can email me with it <A HREF=""></A>
With Love,
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