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Re: [MOL] Is there a double meaning in Wizard of Oz?

Of course, Carla, thank you for reminding us of this. All good stories in
my opinion, resonate with universal truths. OZ does, as you so beautifully
put it. Ever read Joseph Campbell? Fairy tales, Jack and the Beanstalk,
Little Red Riding Hood survive because they make a statement about the
paths that lead us to the realization of the God within, the fight between
good and evil. Star Wars, the Hobbit, the Knights of the Round
Table.....Sometimes the bad guys win but each one of us must decide if we
part of the light or part of the dark, God gave us the choice. We have to
renew our choice minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. The struggle
never ends, does it. You, my friend are a powerful force for the good.
Remember we will be with you in spirit on Monday. Anyone of us can ask for
the protection of our fellows and receive it. God never guarantees that we
will have a trouble free life, only that he gives us strength and courage
to handle what comes our way. THe help we get is not necessarily what we
asked for and sometimes we don't even recognize it. Took me most of my life
to realize this. At times, I lose sight of the fact to let God do it his
way. Mind you, you have to ask! God bless, Jeanne

12:42 AM 11/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am just having such a full day and I thought that I would submit this
thought to my fellow molers..  Is there a double meaning in the Wizard of Oz?
>Dorothy went down the yellow brick road, searching for the way to get
home.  The yellow brick road was filled with such a mix of people and
events and she met those who were like herself and those who totally
frightened her.  She found beauty and ugly, splendor and dismal, happy and
sad along the road.
>Her new friends; the scarecrow, the cowardly lion and the tin man,  were
all missing something that they had to find.  The scarecrow was in search
of a brain, the lion searched for courage and the tin man for a heart.  For
Dorothy her quest became a pair of ruby slippers that she must wear to get
her home. 
>Along the yellow brick road, they all became friends and when they faced
peril together.. they found out that their caring for one another gave them
what they were searching for all along.   In the end, when Dorothy got her
slippers having conquered the wicked witch of the east, the good witch
Linda told her that it was there all the time, inside her.. She always had
the power to go home.
>Well, now I am wondering if this isn't part of what I am learning...  I
have been searching and searching for me and trying to find the parts of me
that I felt were missing.   Is it possible that they have  been there all
of the time, that I was born with everything that I needed and that I have
just spent 45 years covering it up?  Like the scarecrow, cowardly lion, tin
man, so am I?..
>As with Dorothy, maybe I have always had home (my life) as the goal.. and
the power to return to the spirit that I am....  I just didn't know that it
was there all along..  
>I believe that I am truly learning valuable life lessons and growing in
leaps and bounds right now and much of my growth is in "de-layering" all of
the things that I heaped upon the wonderful spirit that I was born with...  
>I have spent much time thinking that others have taken this away from me
and now I know I am wrong..  I have allowed these "things" to cover the
spirit that I am.  No one can heap upon you anything that you are resilient
to...  The only way you can have it, is to take ownership of it and I have
taken ownership of many things in my life needlessly.  Things have built up
in me, because I couldn't see the way, so I have allowed my body to get
sick with all of this "stuff"...
>Today I feel like I am standing under a waterfall of knowledge flowing
down on me and I am just standing still feeling the awe of it all..  I
think that today was a major growth day..  
>Thought I would share my thoughts and feelings and see if anyone else
could relate to Oz...??  I also think that being on this forum has given me
the blessing of a living journal.. In being able to write to you all about
my feelings... I grow...
>So my wonderful friends, we have come together on the yellow brick road
and I pray that we all find what we have been missing... right inside
ourselves...  God Bless you all and goodnight...   Love you, Carla
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