[MOL] Liz [01957] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Liz

Liz.. I am so glad that I earned an A..  Now, all I have to figure out is what word starts with A?....Oh, oh....!!!  I guess I know where I stand!  LOL!!
Of course you can share this with your students...  Do you think you will still have a job if you do??  You know my friend..all I am sharing is my feelings as I go through each day and I would be honored to know that it has helped anyone else to see their own spirit a little more clearly...
You are being prayed for and much loved by your moler friends and remember that we are sending you hugs and warmth and our spirits. 
Liz, you are not alone with your fears about the fact that it could happen all over again.. That is what sends all of us a little gaga at test time..  Seems that unlike labor pains.. the pain of finding out you have cancer is one that doesn't just fade away..  The good news is that the cancer can...  :-)   God Bless you and much love, Carla