[MOL] Jeanne [01924] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Jeanne

Jeanne, I have bought the book "22 non negotiable steps to wellness", but I haven't read it yet...  Seems I always have about six different books going at once....  Right now I am reading Caroline Myss.  It seems that I only have about 1/2 hour a day to read and that is right before I go to bed....  but, I still have six others started...  LOL!!
I think I am going to have to get a part time job to keep up with my book habit!   Maybe I should go to work in a bookstore, since I love them so... or... maybe a doctors office, since I have learned to feel so at home ...  Hey, theres an idea..!! 
Seriously, I would like to work a couple days a week somewhere... I am ready to face the world and be a part of it..  I have a good size house, but it feels small when you don't have a life to be part of outside the front door...  Not feeling sorry for myself, just starting to see some realities...  I find the best moments for me on my cancering journey are when I am sharing with someone else, and I love to smile these days!
I am anxious to check out your list of books...  I go to Borders and Books and just roam through all the sections...  I will have to make a list of mine...  I have bounced all around and probably will continue to..
I loved your story about almost walking out into the public area where you sauna and workout...  The poor woman who actually did!!  It brought back memories when you said that she threw the towel over her head and walked back buck naked.  When I was in high school, you were only allowed one towel in gym...  All the other gals had that wrapped tightly around them and I always had mine on my head...LOL!
Went to a surprise 50th birthday party tonight and just got home and need to get up early, so I wanted to write you back and send you a big hug....  Love you.. Carla