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[MOL] LeeAnne

Hi LeeAnne
I just read your post to Nanc.  You mentioned about Oma having bed sores.  My
uncle has been bedridden for 1 year now due to mostly being in his 90's.  He
has difficulty walking and also has diabetes.  But what I wanted you to know
is that my loving Aunt who takes marveloous care of him makes sure that she
moisterizes him every nite with lotion.  For some reason the hospice nurses
say that this is working and that he never has had a bed sore.  My aunt is so
wonderful to this man.  My Aunt and Uncle never had kids just themselves.  My
Aunt is far better than any nurse.  The nurses who come there every day for
about 1 hour always say she does more than anyone they know.  
I just wanted to share the moisterizing with you maybe this can help your mom.
Hope I didn't intrude on this.  Sorry if I did.
With Love
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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