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[MOL] Mary & Angela

Hi Mary
I hope by the time you receive this note Angelo is feeling a wee bit better.
I just have a little thing to say about the fever, diarrhea and chills and
after radiation/chemo.  After my mom received her chemo (every Wednesday for 6
weeks) she would also get this combination of problems.  It was weird, during
the chemo and radiation it didn't bother her but at the end it did.  Then when
she started the chemo again it went away.  I just wanted to say this may be
the same.  I sure don't know for sure.  But I want you to know that we are
praying always for him.
With my love and prayers to you and Angelo.
Just make sure you call the doctor don't worry about anything.  Where are you
in this great big world I'm on Long Island, are you near to me, if you are
maybe I can help
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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