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Hi Jeanne,
The post card was done in the Print Shop Premier Edition, as soon as I have
time I will make up more that I have Pictures ans BIO for them.  I haven't got
a very big response for wanting them as yet.  Thanks for your kind letter.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 11/14/98 8:55:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, jkissing@uvic.ca

<< Subj:	 Woes
 Date:	11/14/98 8:55:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	jkissing@uvic.ca (james kissinger)
 Nancy, I am so sorry to hear about your tales of woe. I hope all goes well
 now. I think and pray for you and Don every day and was delighted to hear
 about his good news. Now just to get you shipshape as well. My Dad 83 had
 bypass surgery last year on a heart vein that was 99% blocked and had no
 problem at all. You will have a lot of people along with you while you are
 having the surgery.
 James was impressed by your postcards and wants to know how this was
 achieved... software, or what.
 God Bless and I hope things are better by Thanksgiving, Jeanne
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