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[MOL] Re: Test Results...Les......Nanc & Don

Hi Les, & all MOL's,
I thought I passed the stress test but I didn't pass that one either, now
besides the three leaky valves inside my heart I have at least one blocked
artery, so now it's on to more test's to see what has to be done, the eye
surgery is off untill at least Nov. 30th.  The Doctor said maybe they could
give me a beta blocker so I could have the eye surgery, but they want to do
more testing frist.  Don did OK today he had his esophagus dialated, the
Doctor said he had white spots like a fungus inside his esophagus that might
be some kind of a virus caused from hot-dogs, chicken breast, beef steak,
etc., so he has to stay away from those foods, he took a biopsy, we'll know
about that in about a week.  He said not to worry it would have nothing to do
with cancer.  Thank God for that.  God Bless and take care, let us know when
you hear anything.
Love and prayers to you and yours,
Nanc & Don :-)

In a message dated 11/13/98 9:33:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, Lesnpeg writes:

<< Subj:	Re: Test Results.....Nanc
 Date:	11/13/98 9:33:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	Lesnpeg
 My prayers are with you two always.  Bone scan results are not in yet but I
did not see anything that I was curious about.  We will let the PRO's read the
film and let me know.  Should hear today.
 Love to you both  ;>)  Les >>
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