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Re: [MOL] Kathy../so glad it wasn't

Title: RE: [MOL] Kathy..
thanks for clarifying that my friend.. I am soooooooo glad that wasn't your own idea... just one your copied from the town pervert!  LOL!  Makes me feel so much better!!!  Love you and many hugs... Carla
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Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 4:48 PM
Subject: RE: [MOL] Kathy..

Carla:  When I was a teenager, the town sexual pervert set fire to all our underwear on the clothes line -- mine, my mother's, and my sister's!!  I could see him outside in the light of the moon.  Scared the living you know what out of me!  That sort of thing will stick in your mind!  LOL -- Kathy