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> From: Martha S Cerreto <MJTCERRETO@prodigy.net>
> To: mol-cancer@lists.meds.com
> Cc: mjtcerreto@prodigy.net
> Subject: news
> Date: Tuesday, November 03, 1998 11:34 PM
> Hi, everyone!
> Well, I went to see the oncologist, but it seems I've had another
> unintentional mental lapse, (hmm).  The appointment was yesterday.  They
> just wanted to make me a new appointment and have me come back next week,
> so with my usual self control in tact, I started to get a little upset. 
> asked at the front desk, (cough, cough), can't I see someone, (blubber,
> blubber), covering for my doctor, (gag, gag), or maybe talk to her on the
> phone.  I just drove about 57 miles to get here and I don't think,
> (blubber, blubber, cough, cough, gag, gag), I can just turn around and go
> home without knowing something.
> They finally got the nurse to come out and talk to me.  Apparently, she
> works very closely with the doctor; said that they two of them were
> at my films the other day.  She said the doctor thought the films were
> better, that I'm doing good on the Arimidex and that there would be no
> chemo now.  She said the doctor was thinking of adding Zoladex, which
> be a shot in the stomache once a month, but she wasn't sure.  The aim
> be, to really put the cybosh on my ovaries, which are still cycling.
> My husband came home tonight and said to me when I told him, do you think
> it would hurt, a shot in the stomache.  I said, no, I think it will feel
> like a powder puff touching me there.  He also said, how will you feel,
> getting your period; won't you miss it.  I said, miss WHAT!  Name ONE
> about it that you think a woman would miss.
> So, I have to stay OK.  Think what it would be for a man like this, and
> he's an attorney too, to have to navigate the world by himself!
> I've been feeling lousy all week.  I've been trying to figure out what it
> was.  I still felt lousy after leaving the doctor's, but just a few hours
> ago this malaise has started to lift like a passing rain shower.  I feel
> pretty good!
> Love to you all,
> Martha     
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