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[MOL] Hi friends..

The mol-forum has indeed made this one interesting day!!  I almost wet my pants when I saw that I had 239 messages at 6:00!!!  What a relief to find that many of them were deletable!!  Liz, you are right my dear.. life is too darn short for petty irritations.. It will work itself out..
I missed the revival tonight at church, as I had a friend on the phone that was in tears., but it is in loving and caring about others, that we truly experience God... so I may have missed the preaching, but I didn't miss the teaching!  :-)
I went to the doctors today and will have a few tests done.  A Mammogram, chest ex-ray and CT of chest...  Now hear this women with breasts!!  The hospital could not schedule me until December 21st for the Mammogram...  NOW, YOU TELL ME!!!  did the television promotion of breast cancer awareness work, or what??!!  IT WORKED!!! 
Good thing that they think my lump is just a cyst.. I probably would have broken down if there was concern and then they said December 21st!!  Anyone have a spare Mammogram machine laying around!!  LOL!!  Just kidding!!  I will avoid the deep squeeze, just as long as they avoid me!
Maybe I will find an old waffle iron and a camera and set up a corner booth for Mammograms!  ROTFLOL!!  Oh, I am sorry.. I am being a wee bit bad!!  Whats worse is that I am laughing at myself..
Well on to a bad subject, I must go unpack from my suh-thern adventure..  Not only did I pack enough to be gone for 3 months.. but... I came home and have avoided unpacking...  Just can't do it anymore and since I missed church tonight.. I will atleast accomplish something for today....
Will write more later.. Hugs and love to you all!! Carla