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Dear Allison,
     My mom had a series of 3 treatments with carboplatin and taxol.  She is
also Stage  4 with no primary site.  She started to respond to this
combination but then the cancer became resistant and started to grow.  She has
had one treatment of navilbene with gemzar, and now instead of being in the
hospital for 7 hrs. once/month, she has to go every two weeks for 2 hours.
She seems to feel much better on this combo...her side effects (flu like
symptoms, achiness and exhaustion, constipation) seem to be less taxing on her
system.  Actually there were a few days this week, that were like my mother
used to be, before this diagnosis.  Her onc said that he will do a CT scan
after one month more than likely, but her blood count has to be monitored more
closely with these drugs than the others.  We are hoping for the best...I must
say that she has never experienced nausea...she takes a drug called decadron
for 5 days after treatment.  We just hope and pray that her body is healing.
She is a very active, youthful 81 year old!  I hope that I helped you a
little.  Jamie
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