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Rockefeller Researchers Show First Evidence For Naturally Occurring
    Tumor Immunity In Humans
    [11/04/98; ScienceDaily]

For a small percentage of the population, it is known that the
body's immune system can successfully mount an attack against
their tumors, often without the person even knowing that a tumor
exists. But this victory comes at a price, for the body then
turns against itself and attacks brain cells, resulting in a
rare debilitating neurological disease called paraneoplastic
cerebellar disorder (PCD). 

A team of researchers from The Rockefeller University, studying
PCD patients, have now shown for the first time that humans are
able to develop naturally occurring immunity to cancer. The study,
reported in the November issue of Nature Medicine, provides support
for the recent efforts to treat cancer patients by activating
their immune response in a manner that would lead to tumor immunity,
a treatment called immunotherapy. An understanding of naturally
occurring tumor immunity is important for the development of
better strategies to treat cancer. 

The full article can be found at:

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