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nance, my mom stays with me, and my sister vists frequentlky too.  i so lucky
to have a great family, theyre so good to me.  my brother has been here
too..but were all spread out.  i might move to florida soon, my mom has a
house there and shes been living with me in my apt here in philly, but it isnt
really home for her.  i love florida anyway, i think it would be so great ot
sit in the sun, go to the beach once in a while...  maybe one day soon ill
make that trip..

but, thanks for hte hug..  i wish i could give you one back.  youre so sweet.
i dont know what to say about my girlfriend.  i just want her to have some
peace in her life.  she cries all the time when we talk, i feel like i hurt
her every day.  i dont know if i did the right thing, it hurts so much to say
goodbye to her, but i cant live my life knowing i'm tearing her heart apart
each day. i want her to be free from the worry, to live her life knowing she
is loved but that there are people out there who can give her more than i can
right now.
 anyway, cant stop crying, so i better stop talking about this.  take care,
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