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[MOL] kathy

hi glad you got my note.  i was worried there were serious problems with mol,
kept getting bumped off aol entirely when i tried to resubscribe.  anyway,
still see alot of weird messages from admin.  wonder whats going on.

how are you?  i'm always amaazed at your notes to people onhere, youre  so
supportive and cheeflu.  ill bet youve made a lot of people happy in your

ive been having a few bad days, been sick, i said goodbye to my girlfriend
today (lets not go there, ok?).and i had a transfusion, my hemoglobin was 7
something, so i guess that explains the fatigue and other strange things that
were happening. anyway, on oxygen now too.  i dont feel good, so i dont know
how miuch i'll be online, but will try to write if i can.  love you all, so
good to know theres people like you out there.  oh suzanne had asked a few
days ago about whre warminster was, i never got around to replying, sorry.
its in bucks county, northeast of downtownphilly.

bye for now, grego 
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