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RE: [MOL] non- small cell lung cancer

Title: RE: [MOL] non- small cell lung cancer

Emmett:  I certainly can sympathize with the trouble you had with your esophagus!  The radiation burned mine so badly I could hardly get water down, either; hence, they had to hospitalize me and feed me intravaneously.  It was so painful, as I know yours must have been, too, but now it's almost completely healed.  Every once in awhile, I have that acid reflux problem, but not often.  After I saw the pictures they took, I didn't think it could ever get better -- it looked like burned meat!  I'm so glad the chemo is working for you!  And don't worry, your appetite will come back and food will taste good again.  I hope you quit smoking.  I did -- the day I got my diagnosis.  It was hard, but I went on the patch -- the three step method.  Now I chew gum -- constantly -- but I don't really want a cigarette anymore.  I think the outlook for us lung cancer people is looking better all the time.  Mine was (and probably still is) SCLC, but in definite remission.  Hang in there, my friend.  -- Kathy