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RE: [MOL] non- small cell lung cancer


I have stage 3b nsclc, I have been treated with radiation and chemo, and
now cisplatin and navelbien, with two months of treatment left.  I started
treatment in May of this year,  my oncologist suggested radiation and
taxofeim (sp?) to start.  It worked as to shrinking the tumor and the
infected lymphnodes.   The only problems I had with that was the what the
radiation did to my esophagus(sp?) since they had to pass radiation through
it to get to the lymphnodes.

I lost some weight because could not swallow, even water was hard to get
down.   Then they realized that my some lymphnodes in my neck were infected
and started the cisplatin and navelbien, which as the oct 13 is working
better than my oncologist had thought it would.  

I am only 52, was a heavy smoker for about 35 years.   I know that with the
support of my family, friends and the good Lord above, I will conquer this. 

Have you gotten a second opinion?  There are some trials that your father
may be eligible for... God bless your father and his loving family...


>If anyone out there is listening i need support in coping with my fathers
>small cell lung cancer he is in stage 4 and just put on i.v. morphine
today at 
>cleve. clinic please feel free to e-mail at sthorn 4263 sincerely sandy

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