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8  Pine  Circle  Dr.  Silicon  Valley, Ca. USA


Most  of  the  information  from  the  silicon  valley is 
obtained  from  the  local  pubs/bars. Un-named  sources 
discussing  the  Y2K  problem  at  the  local  brew  revealed, 
that  2  of  the  big  valley  software  manufacturers  are  
in  a  bidding  war  for  software  technology  created  by  
a  small  publicly  traded  company  OTC-BB  symbol:"TCFG" 
that  is  in  the  process  of  obtaining  a  patent.

This  3  year  old  emerging  growth  company  has  tested  
and  out  performed  the  "Big  Boys" with  a  system  industry  
experts  consider  to  be  a  technological  breakthrough! 
Several  rogue  ex-employees  of  the  "giants" joined  this  
company  and  claims  abound  about  their  success.

If  truth  is  stronger  than  fiction  then  "TCFG"  is
going  to  play  with  the  big  boys. We  all  know  the  
Y2K  problem  and  what  the  real  solution  would  mean  
to  all  of  us  $$!

How  much  will  they  pay  "TCFG"?
Back  to  the  pub  friday  evening  for  more  info!
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