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Re: [MOL] Nanc, Suzanne, Kathy, and the 50's club!

All I can say ladies is that you know you qualify as a Senior Citizen 
when you hear your Mother's / Father's voice coming out of your mouth and 
when you look in the mirror, you see them!  Children have that power to 
resurect our parents in us!  What I want to know is were in the world did 
WE go!?

Oh well...gues that's just the circule of life.  God Bless.
John wrote:
> Suzanne and John:  Isn't that the truth?!!  I went through that, too!  My
> poor parents -- how they must have suffered!  Then my daughter got back at
> me with some really bad stuff in the late eighties.  Loud music with very
> suggestive lyrics.  What goes around certainly does come around!  -- Kathy
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