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Re: [MOL] to everybody/ back to you Greg. xoxoxox


I am trying to find your original post, that EVERYONE seems to have replied to
and left the same subject heading.....gets confusing!  Anyway this seems to be
close to the original, I will reply to this, however, I will also continue my

You are such a youngen.  I am not a whole bunch older nor do I look like Cindy
Crawford or Isabella Rosilini. I do however have the fluff thing going on!
(Hey PJ my grandma always said she was pleasingly plump.)  I was told in my
much younger days and only when my hair was long -- that I looked like (you
will undoubtedly have no clue who I am talking about)  Linda Blair.  She was
probably most famed for her role in the exorcist.  When I was told years ago
that I looked like her it was  the "real her" now if someone said that it
would likely be the crazy headspinning character to which they are referring.
Well anyway I am 36.  Hope I find the original!

Love and best wishes
Lee Anne
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