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[MOL] RE: I did go to the Doctor today!!!!!!Nanc

I can honestly say that I've seen a picture of you and I wouldn't change 
a thing.  Sit back and kick your feet up for a little while.  You 
deserver it.


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Subject: RE:  I did go to the Doctor today!!!!!!Nanc

Hi everyone,
And thanks to those that sent me to the Doctor with good wishes, I did 
read a
few letters this morning.  I am so tired, we left here at 11:00am 
stopped at
Sears and picked up some mower blades for our riding lawn mower.  We got 
the Doctor at 1:30pm left at 3:10pm. got home at 5:00pm.  Then I put the 
blades on our mower it's a 46" cut, then I cut some grass and picked up 
leaves, it sure was cold, I wore boots, gloves, hooded sweatshirt with a
jacket over it and bib overhauls.  I got to cold and had to quit and 
come in
and fix supper.  Ok, already yet, I have to get built up to talk about 
LOL.  Have to have the surgery the 16th or the 30th.  Have to go for per
surgery testing this Thurs.  It will take about 5 hours plus driving 
They will cut away part of the nose bone, and leave a stint in for 6 
All this for a clogged tear duct.  I wanted to ask him if he could give 
me a
pretty face while he was at it, but what he was saying didn't sound like 
really wanted him to do anything to me.  LOL  Poor Don, He'll sure have 
a long
wait, he told me he owed me that and more, after all the waiting he put 
through.  I was trying to figure out some way that no one would have to 
for me, but then I remembered that I didn't mind waiting at all, I just 
it was my place, and who am I to take that away from Don.  I just am not 
to have anyone do or wait for me.  You all are making me see it's OK to 
be on
the receiving end once in a while.  Anyone want to come and help me 
clean my
garage?  Love all of you, and thanks for being here for me.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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