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Why don't you try lighting candles, they are so relaxing and romantic, and get
the sented ones, I am a candle nut.  Of course, I don't know if they would be
cheaper then a light bill, but I relax more from and get energy from candle
light.  Try it you might like it.  And I said I was going to bed.  Soon, I
Love you, Nanc

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<< I've been feeling it, too.  Pretty soon I'll be going to work in the dark
 and coming home in the dark -- as will everyone else.  It's hard to get used
 to.  I was home sick most of last winter, and our light bill was incredible!
 I'd turn on every light in the house!  It did help.  My mother got one of
 those light things to combat Sun Deprivation Syndrome.  She says it works.
 Kathy in Boise >>
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