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[MOL] URGENT: Child with leukemia-- need advice/guidance!

My friend asked that I search the internet for some information, advise and

My godchild Paulie was diagnosed with leukemia at 3 years old.  He had
rigorous chemo treatments and went into remission only for it to come back
within 6 months time.   Full chemo was started over again from scratch and a
request was put in to find a donor for bone marrow.     After a long search a
perfect match came up and Paulie headed north to Milwaukee, WI. to get the
transplant.    GREAT.... but then more bad news.   Almost 4 years of chemo has
done damage to his liver and the leukemia specialists in Seattle have told my
friend that she much chose which course to take next.   She doesn't know what
to do, these are her 2 choices: 

Go ahead with the bone marrow transplant, but Paulie has a 50/50 chance of not
making it.   Even if he just starts to show signs of liver failure, they said
they cannot do anything to save him.

Option 2 is to finish this bout of chemo and wait for a new remission (about 2
years time), but he has only a 25% percent chance that the leukemia WON'T come
back.   IF the leukemia does come back, even more damage would have been done
to his liver and the chance of a bone marrow transplant will be zero. 

Where can we go for more advise or specialist opinions?   We don't know what
to do next or how to come to a decision. 

Any advise, insight, or information is need ASAP.   The doctors told her to
think about it for a few days, so help is need now. 

Thank you all for reading this, and PLEASE write back to me directly to get
what you write faster. 


**  Feel free to contact my friend directly about her son:  Erika

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